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v1.0 beta --> v1.0:
Change - Switched to the ' Flag' icon set (

v0.8.1 --> v1.0 beta:
New - Watchguard Fireware v10 logfile support.
New - HTTPS Proxy Topsites and Webblocker reports.
Change - Changed test at Surfcontrol URI to new Watchguard Surfcontrol 54 category page.
Change - Disabled 'Notify -> Block site' report (Broken in v10 *.xml logfiles).
Change - Switched to the ' Silk' icon set (
Change - Updated the Maxmind GeoLite Country database from the jun-2008 version to the jan-2009 version.
Fix - 'Notify -> IPS' and 'HTTP Proxy -> IPS' (Changed the NOTIFY and PROXYMATCH signature_id database fields from a INT(11) to a VARCHAR(40) to hold the new IPS signature id format).
Fix - Format of v10 xml URL argument (Fixes 'Search Engine reports' and 'Go button' errors).
Fix - 'Status -> User login rejected' report (login rejected log message format changed).
Removed - Watchguard Fireware v8.0 --> v9.1.2 logfile support (Use Capra v0.8.1).
Removed - 'Check for Fireware' preference.

v0.8 --> v0.8.1:
New - Full MySQL 5.0 support.
New - Status Admin actions report.
New - Added HTTP Proxy Top IP's to HTTP Proxy Top Users report.
New - Total and precentage of total in Top Users/IP's and Top Site's reports.
Change - Updated the Maxmind GeoLite Country database from the dec-2007 version to the jun-2008 version.
Change - Switched from a VARCHAR(15) field to a INT(10) UNSIGNED field to hold IP information in the database (More efficient).
Change - Use PHP to create CSS on the fly.
Fix - [ 2033747 ] - Go button not working with URL's with a & in them.
Fix - [ 1967280 ] - Yahoo search lookups.
Fix - [ 1878838 ] - File not found error if only ProxySMTP is on.

v0.8 Beta --> v0.8:
Fix - [ 1871006 ] - Query Type Match report has no 'no data' error.
Fix - [ 1869899 ] - Maximum port number allowed is 65536 should be 65535.
Fix - [ 1864286 ] - Old menu names on delete page.
Fix - [ 1864012 ] - Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of x seconds exceeded.
Fix - [ 1863091 ] - 'User login/logout' report holds MAC changed intf. info.
Fix - [ 1858947 ] - Notify report does not allow sorting of it's collums.
Fix - [ 1858919 ] - PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of x bytes exhausted.

v0.7.1 --> v0.8 Beta:
New - SMTP Proxy Spam Totals reports. (Thanks to: Anders Axelsson for providing sample SMTP proxy log messages)
New - HTTP Proxy Virus Found and IPS reports.
New - DNS Proxy Question Match and Query Type Match reports.
New - Preferences.
New - Inclusion of the Maxmind GeoLite Country database. Shows Country <--> IP relations.
New - Collum sorting. Click on a collum name to sort the results on that collum.
New - Report on (Facebook search, Flickr search and Youtube search).
New - CLI quietmode. Presupply the anwser to the 'You already imported this file. Do you want to continue?' question. (Thanks to: Alessandro Baldoni for the idea.)
New - Print mode. Removes all the page items you do not want to print (Menu and buttons)
New - TCPInfo collum in Allowed Packets and Denied Packets reports.
New - PHP version check. Capra requires PHP5.
Change - Restructured menu to something more user friendly.
Change - Fancy Reverse lookup, Go and test at Surfcontrol buttons.
Fix - [ 1856221 ] - Mysql Out of range error while importing.
Fix - [ 1854881 ] - Delete page stops with max execution time error.
Fix - [ 1853314 ] - Directory's are listed in import log file interface.
Fix - [ 1842286 ] - Go button does not always work.
Fix - [ 1801306 ] - Paginating system shows non existing page 0.
Fix - [ 1789261 ] - Notify IPS does not show my IPS messages.

v0.7 --> v0.7.1:
Fix - [ 1786604 ] - Import gives error if ProxyDNSReq is on.
Fix - [ 1786267 ] - Some Notify reports do not show all log messages.
Fix - [ 1786260 ] - PHP errors in FWDeny, FWAllow reports if interface = tunnel.
Fix - [ 1786223 ] - FWStatus 'User login/logout' report holds VPN information.
Fix - [ 1784205 ] - CLI import succes message incomplete.
Fix - [ 1784199 ] - Msn search <--> Live search.

v0.4.1 --> v0.7:
New - FWAllow log messages reports.
New - ProxyDNSReq log messages reports.
New - Notify log messages reports.
New - ProxyMatch Body Content Type reports.
New - ProxyMatch Header Content Type reports.
New - ProxyHTTPReq Top Users, User/IP Details and Request Methods reports.
New - ProxyHTTPReq Top Site('s) url reports.
New - Report on (Live web search, Live image search, Live video search, Live news search, Hotbot search, Picsearch search).
New - Instead of only the different search mode's for a search engine (web, images, news...) there is now also a grouped option witch will give you all the search word for one engine (Google, Msn...)
New - Paginating. You can configure the amount of rows per page in the config file.
New - Mark your log messages. Marked log messages will show in red and you can decide not to delete them.
New - Made the import of log files 20% faster, with the help of table locking and multiple inserts.
New - Web interface to create the necessary Capra tables in your database.
New - With 1 click u can do a reverse lookup of a IP address.
New - Added ability to disable the check if a log file is really a fireware log file.
New - Capra will remember your time filter selection, between reports.
New - Capra will remember your source (user/ip) selection, between reports.
New - Select all tables option on the delete page.
New - To make it easier for you to reconice your different interfaces, Capra will give them different colors
New - Check if PHP is configured with MySQL support and magic_quotes_gpc = off.
New - Define the memory limit of PHP in the Capra config file.
Change - New time filter. U can now supply any time filter u like.
Change - Removed unnecessary configuration options from the config file.
Change - Moved empty table check to a function (cleaner code.).
Change - Used a better way to restore the PHP error handler while importing log files.
Fix - Top Site's only counted the biggest sent or received connection. It now counts the sum off all the connections.
Fix - Give a nice error message if there are no Webblocker, URL Paths or Body Content Type log messages in the database.
Fix - XHTML 1.0 Strict fixes in FWStatus reports.
Fix - It's javascript:void(0); not javascript:void;.
Fix - Dom error messages showed invalid link.

v0.4 --> v0.4.1:
New - Delete page now does a OPTIMIZE on the table after it deleted data from the table. (Faster database responds and it save's disk space)
Change - Import now uses XPATH instead of getElementsByTagName to extract the log message out of the xml file. (10x time's faster)
Fix - If a ProxyMatch repeat tag was set the import script stopped importing.
Fix - Importcli now shows the help page correctly if you call the script with the '--help', '-help', '-h' or '-?' parameter.
Fix - Correct handeling of the input from the 'do you want to import this log file again?' CLI question.

v0.3.1 --> v0.4:
New - FWstatus reports (IP's added to Blocked site list, User login/logout, User login rejected).
New - Delete data page, deletes data from the database.
New - Report on (Altavista search, Altavista image search, Altavista video search, Altavista news search, Google video search, Msn video search, Yahoo search, Yahoo image search, Yahoo video search).
New - Full screen mode (More space for your reports).
New - Import/Importcli now show the amount of rows/log messages imported in to the database.
Change - Made separated pages for Top Site's and Search engine - Webblocker and URL Paths (Faster and more maintainable code).
Removed - Clear Cache page (Not needed anymore)

v0.3 beta --> v0.3.1:
New - Report on (Google news search, Msn search, Msn images search, Msn news search).
New - IP filter for reports.
Fix - Using the '< No source user >' user filter gave no results. (Also see 'UPGRADE FROM v0.3 Beta' in readme.txt in the docs directory).
Fix - Incorrect results with 'Google search' where search was dubbel quoted ("search for this").
Fix - If a connection was denied by a proxy rule the 'Top site's report' still counted this connection.

v0.2 beta --> v0.3 beta:
New - Proxymatch reports.
New - Command Line Interface (CLI) Import script.
New - Cache some of the result from the database (Speed).
Fix - FWdeny: Give nice error message on empty table.

v0.2 beta / v0.1 beta:
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