Capra v1.0 - Download  
About Capra:
Capra is a Open Source tool to quickly get some nice and useful reports out off your Watchguard Fireware log files.

I started with the development of Capra because I was unsatisfied with the reports the Watchguard report module produced. After a few weeks of development, Capra was able to import a Watchguard xml logfile in to a MySQL database and produce reports for Deny log messages.
Shorty after the release of v0.3.1 I decided to travel for 8 month's trough Asia (China, Tibet, Nepal and India). This put the development of Capra on hold.
After my return I had allot of free time, so quickly there was Capra v0.4 and v0.4.1. Finaly there was version with some decent speed in importing logfiles.
3 months later it was time for Capra to grow up. 9 new reports, Paginating, a decent time filter and lots more.
Capra also found a new home. Sourceforge.
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